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This blog has existed for around five days or so now.
It’s been fun to write again, since it’s something I don’t get to do a lot anymore, other than in an academic context.

However, if you allow me to be a bit philosophical: why blog?

It is obviously not only because I like to write, or because I want to document my life; in that case, I could simply have kept a diary.
It’s not really a career thing either, if I’d wanted to write professionally, I’d probably not have started with an obscure blog.
Is it about attention, then? Not purely, I don’t think, because if I just wanted attention, I’d post naked pictures of myself someplace.

Recognition? I want someone to recognize that I write, and what I write. Not only out of vainty, I don’t think, but because I think (very modestly…) that maybe I can make someone think, just a little.

And I like the feeling that the words are out there, for anyone to read. Just as it can be a relief to put pen to paper and get thoughts out of your head, knowing that someone can read them and observe them is gratifying.

When you’ve known someone for a long time, after a while we know most of the stories they tell. And in this, I actually mean that in a non-poetic, literal way: the stories tell they at dinner parties, or when mingling or simply when getting to know someone closer.

We all have them, a certain few stories that work well in different contexts.

I usually tell people about the inefficiency in Germany, about when I lived in the US, when we almost got lost in the Turkish countryside…

Some people tell the same stories a lot of times. My dad is one of them, and my mom usually rolls her eyes when he tells a story she’s heard 43 times already. i’m pretty sure I’m gonna be the same when I’m older. If I’m not already.
(Today’s my birthday. I’m 23 years old.)

I have a mentor.

I “got her” through a program called Headstart which is aimed at women at SSE, the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institutet. A girl I know nominated me for the project, and here I am.

We’ve met around three times now, and we… talk. A lot. For a few hours, about everything and nothing, from things about her career, travels, my schoolwork, families, everything. I’m not sure if that’s exactly how a mentorship is supposed to work, but… It does.

If you think about, it’s so rare that you actually sit down and just talk with someone, without distractions, for hours on end. I love it.
And I can’t be certain, of course, but I’m pretty sure my mentor feels the same way.

Can I should interrupt your regular scheduling and say that I feel like a pretty cool person right now. Anna Latimer, who wrote the article I commented on a few days ago, found my blog and commented on the post.

The awesomeness of the Internet and so on and so forth.

I have a dilemma.

I publish any new updates on Twitter, since people who follow my Twitter presumably are interested in what I have to say. I’ve published some of my posts on my Facebook and I’ve noticed a really big increase in my traffic whenever I do that, so some of you are obviously interested and clicking the link.

But I’m divided, because I know how annoying frequent Facebook updates can be and I don’t want to torment people.

So what do you think I should do?

  • Keep posting on Facebook
  • Not post anything at all on Facebook
  • Post one update per day (or every second day or once a week) on Facebook
  • Start writing in hieroglyphs


Edit: Look, a fancy poll!

My friend L and I had a conversation about our futures today. We both graduate this spring, and there’s the big question of what we’re going to do with our lives.

I’ll be honest: I have no idea. Literally. I could end up anywhere. (hopefully not at a tobacco company.)

And I found myself wishing, as I have done many times in my childhood, that I could just have a talent. You know, like music. Or dancing. Or writing. Or soccer. Just something that I was especially good at and that could be my big interest in life.

I always hated the question “what are your interests?” because really… I like loads of things, but…

I just don’t have that one shining passion. And the woe this has caused me!

I like loads of things. I like knowing stuff. I like learning. I like quiz shows just because they allow me to demonstrate my knowledge on a wide array of topics.

Even now, I study business and economics, not because it’s my one great area of interest, but…Well, because SSE is a good school and you can do lots of things with a degree from there.

Some of my more random areas of interest:
– Ballet
– Grammar
– Medication interactions and sideeffects
– Medical experiments during WWII
– Romance novels
– Ask Prudence and other question-answer coloumns
– Young adult literature
And these are just the “weird” ones, I have so many others.

Nowadays, I try to think of it as a blessing and just accept that I wanna learn pretty much everything. I just hope it’ll be to some good, someday, other than for quiz shows and Trivial Pursuit.